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water sports with Blue In Maldives

The Ocean is a Playground don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. Join our Blue In Maldives Team for unforgettable boat excursions, banana boat tours or snorkelling trip.  Furthermore our experienced Instructors also teach you how to do Windsurfing, Wake Boarding and how to explore the underwater.

Blue In Maldives

Banana BOat,
Fun Bed & Flying bed

Skim across the flat see on our Banana Boat or try out the flying bed if you are a thrill seekers.

Or enjoy a more relaxed round on the fun bed across the Ocean,

Blue In Maldives

Wind Surfing & Lessons

Up for a new experience? Take a lesson with our Instructor and learn how to glide across the beautiful lagoon.

Already experienced? Then rent out out surf equipment and improve your skills on the Indian Ocean .

Blue In Maldives

catamaran Sailing

Explore the Indian Ocean and the nearby stunning sandbanks on  a sailing catamaran with out Skipper.



Blue In Maldives

Big Game Fishing

Take the chance to catch some real bog fishes on our Big Game Fishing Tours with our experienced team.

Blue In Maldives

Jigging Fishing Tours

Do you prefer a shorter relaxed fishing cruise? Then the Jigging fishing excursion is the right thing for you.

Blue In Maldives

Pvt. Speed Boat rental

Take advantage of out Speed Boat and Captain for an exciting fun ride, private snorkelling or to explore the nearby sandbanks or enjoy the sunset from the ocean.


Blue In Maldives


Paddle across the clear ocean and enjoy the beautiful Island view from the Sea and with the rich Marine Life below.

Blue In Maldives

Glasss Bottom Boat

Do you want the explore the Marine Life by boat. Take our Glass Bottom Paddle Boat. Through the glass you can admire the aquatic life from the comfort of the boat.

Blue In Maldives

Snorkelling LEssons,
Trips & Guided Tours

Take a Snorkelling Lesson and explore our House Reef  with a guide or explore different snorkelling spots with our Tours by Boat.